Sarasota, FL landscaping & drainage solutions

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Welcome to Wilhelm Brothers

We’re a Sarasota landscape, tree and plant care operation specializing in managing and nurturing residential, commercial, and rural landscaping. We provide property maintenance services, sustainable landscape design, tree and palm care, irrigation and drainage solutions, best-practices fertilizing and eco-friendly pest control.

40 Years of Experience

Our earth-friendly approach and philosophy reduces maintenance costs, pollution and protects our natural resources.

Property Maintenance

We provide superior quality service which improves property value, general aesthetics and overall landscape health.

Irrigation & Drainage

We provide residential and commercial property owners with cost-effective solutions for irrigation, drainage and rainwater capture.

Sustainable Design

Our landscape creations are guided by principles of Environmental
Landscape Management and Florida Yards & Neighborhoods program.

Tree & Palm Care

Our certified, professional arborists follow industry standards for tree and palm care, while improving overall tree health and longevity.

Fertilization & Pest Control

Our certified pest control operators treat each property individually in order to control pests safely and obtain optimum landscape health.

Serving Sarasota & Southwest Florida since 1978

About Our Company

We provide resilient, sustainable landscape design and landscape management from the roots up!

We revitalize hard to diagnose trees, turn problem landscapes to lush gardens, and maintain all aspects of landscape from soil biology, to pruning and advanced pest control with effective long-term results and minimal impact on the environment. We follow earth-friendly landscape approaches that protect our natural resources while reducing pollution and costs.